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As a teenager, the risks and challenges that lie in their way are enormous. Not only are they at the beginning stages of adulthood, but they must also face changes with their oral health and all the dangers and challenges that come with it. With the wisdom teeth being the last set of permanent teeth to grow in, their mouths must be protected so they can last a lifetime.

One of the biggest risks facing teens is via peer pressure. Teens are often highly critical and emotional of each other and what your friends may say or think about you reaches its critical peak during your teen years. Bad habits such as obscene amounts of mouth jewelry, drugs, and tobacco can all wreck a teen’s smile before it ever has a chance to blossom.

Another big risk teens often face is oral accidents and injuries brought on by contact sports and similar high-risk events and activities. Although not all sports can be detrimental to a person’s health, it is important to always wear all safety gear and equipment necessary to protect your smile, including mouth guards, helmets, and face masks.

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