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Are you suffering from gum disease? Gum disease is a common, yet severe oral health condition that arises when your gums are infected. Although it can lead to numerous ailments, including eventual tooth loss, there are multiple signs and symptoms that arise indicating its presence. This includes:

– Bad breath symptoms
– Heightened tooth separation, including loose or wobbly teeth, and teeth that are splitting away from each other
– The presence of pus or sores in your gums
– Indications that your gums are pulling back away from your teeth, which can often be seen as teeth looking longer than normal or teeth with exposed roots
– An increase in the frequency of bleeding gums
– An increase in inflammation or swelling of your gums including an increase in tooth sensitivity related to tenderness

If you are suffering from gum disease, it is important to see treatment as soon as possible. If you think your gums could use a little extra work and you would like to have a professional exam from our team at Healthy Smiles Dental Care® of Lansing, simply book an appointment with Dr. Steven Rodriguez and the rest of our team at our dentist office in Lansing, Michigan, by calling us at 517-333-3160. We want to ensure your smile is shining for years to come.