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Did you know there is an entire field of dentistry designed to help provide various relaxing agents to assist with oral health care procedures? A branch of dentistry known as sedation dentistry exists to provide various forms of medication to help patients relax during their oral health care. Oftentimes, individuals are afraid of visiting their dentist due to dental anxiety or other issues associated with concerns about their oral health care. However, through the use of sedation dentistry, potential pain during a procedure will be minimized.

Gas (nitrous) sedation is extremely popular for individuals seeking sedation in the form of a calming and relaxing treatment. Gas sedation is the only form of sedation that has been shown to be safe for individuals to drive themselves home after the treatments have been given.

For a deeper level of sedation, pill sedation, intravenous sedation, and general anesthesia are all used. Whereas a pill sedative is given through ingestion, intravenous sedation is injected directly into your bloodstream. Sedation through pills often takes up to an hour to take effect whereas intravenous sedation is almost instantaneous. Dosages can be adjusted accordingly. For the deepest level of sedation, general anesthesia can be applied and put an individual into a state of unconsciousness from which they will not awake until the anesthesia has worn off.

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