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If you ever find yourself in need of teeth whitening treatments, be aware there are several options on the market. Not only has toothpaste, mouthwash and chewing gum taken hold of the whitening craze, so to have several teeth whitening treatment systems. However, the question you have to ask yourself is which ones are reliable and which ones are not?

If you find yourself needing a tooth whitening treatment system, it means that you have suffered stains or discolorations with your teeth. This could be the result of using a product such as tobacco or even consuming food and drinks such as coffee, wine and soda. Whatever your reason is, a tooth whitening treatment system will be able to help you.

The most common form of whitening system is available over-the-counter. This means you can walk down to a local store and purchase one. However, these products are unregulated and often come in several different sizes and shapes. Unfortunately, some are often used incorrectly and can lead to bleached teeth and tooth enamel damage. Before using any over-the-counter product, speak with your dentist.

For a reliable tooth whitening treatment system, turn to your dentist for a professional in-office whitening system. They’re so effective because they contour to your exact dental profile and have even been shown to whiten your teeth by up to 10 shades in the single office visit.

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