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If you have been afflicted with any sort of tooth damage or are simply looking to upgrade your smile, two wonderful tooth restoration treatments include dental veneers and dental crowns. Dental veneers are smaller than crowns and are linked directly to the fronts of your teeth. Dental crowns are provided to not only enhance the look of your smile, but they can offer an added layer of protection as well. Can your oral health be improved with crowns and veneers? The answer is yes, but deciding on which treatment to use can be done on a case-by-case basis.

Dental veneers are tooth restorations designed to only fuse to the fronts of teeth, leaving the backs of teeth exposed. Even with dental veneers, teeth must still be cleaned and cared for daily, as it is still possible for tooth decay to arise. With optimal care, dental veneers can easily last over a decade before they need to be replaced.

Dental crowns are tooth restorations crafted and used to bind to all sides of a tooth, forming a shell that fully encapsulates the tooth. Dental crowns are extremely effective at preventing further damage to a tooth, including issues that arise with tooth decay. However, dental crowns should still be cleaned and maintained to ensure they can work effectively. With the proper care, dental crowns can easily last over two decades, and in many situations, they can last a lifetime of normal wear and tear.

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