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Chewing gum is an often-overlooked healthcare technique that can prove to be effective for keeping your teeth and gums safe. This is because chewing gum is not commonly thought of as an oral health care routine. However, it can help wash away debris and even neutralize acids produced by harmful plaque and bacteria.

Chewing gum is essential for your oral health care because it can provide a much-needed boost to saliva production. Saliva production is extremely important because it can help wash away food debris and neutralize harmful acids capable of causing tooth decay and dental erosion. Furthermore, saliva flow can even help prevent cavities and provide disease-fighting substances for your mouth. chewing gum has also been shown to help provide additional care for your mouth immediately after meals when using a toothbrush or toothpaste may be too abrasive. This is because chewing gum is not abrasive and can clean your teeth without causing further damage.

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